Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Preserving Autumn Leaves

Collecting leaves for art, crafts or holiday decorations couldn’t be any better or easier than using this method. I used it last year and I must say this is the better choice and solution to preserving beautiful Autumn leaves.

Glycerin Method
This method is a glycerin and water solution. This will preserve your leaves yet leave them relatively flexible. This preserving method works because the natural moisture present in the leaves is replaced by the glycerin solution, maintaining the leaf's texture and form.

  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Flat pan or disposable plates
  • A weight or something to keep leaves submerged
  • Leaves
  1. Mix the glycerin and water so that it is one part glycerin and two parts water. You only need enough to submerge the leaves - about one cup. You can be flexible depending on the shape and size of the container.
  1. Pour the solution into a flat pan, place the leaves in the solution, and then put the weight (not too heavy) on the leaves to keep them submerged. (Tip: try using two Styrofoam or other disposable plates. Put leaves and enough glycerin solution to just lightly cover the leaves in the bottom of one plate. Then put the other plate on top of the leaves and solution. Now you can put a weight of your choosing on the top plate without getting the weight in the solution.)
  1. Keep the leaves submerged in the solution for 2-6 days.
  1. Dry the leaves gently with a paper towel. They should feel soft and pliable.
 My leaf examples below.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Halloween Papers

These Halloween papers  you can resize to your artistic needs. All original sizes are detailed underneath each image. Click on image, right click to download.

Size – 2476 x 3424 pixels
                                       8.253 x 11.413  inches                       
  300 resolution

Skull and cross bones   
Size – 2480 x 3365 pixels
               8.267 x 11.217 inches
  300 resolution

Checkered pattern
Size – 2480 x 3425 pixels
                8.267 x 11.417 inches
    300 Resolution