Sunday, November 20, 2016

Glitter Napkin Technique

 Finished Card

Dazzling Diamonds
Heat and Stick Powder
Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets (double sided stick)
Card Stock

 Getting ready to stick napkins on double sided sticky sheets.


Cut Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets to the size that you want. Remove strips to reveal sticky side and put on your card stock (or other heavy duty paper). Smooth out the adhesives to get rid of bubbling. It has to be a smooth surface to work on.

Now get your napkin and remove all the extra layers. Napkins typically come in 2 ply or 3 ply. Peel off the adhesive and position and stick the napkin on top. 

Use your Versamark glue pad and gently “stamp” your napkin. Make sure you covered your whole surface with the glue. I used a circle die to cut the image below.
Next you will take a small spoon and distribute the Heat and Stick Powder all over the glued napkin. Then take your heat tool and go over the whole surface until it is clear/melted. Don't heat too close or too long. When you start seeing the image it is done. Then you sprinkle the dazzling diamonds on top of the wet surface. Use the heat tool again so it blends in permanently.

Trim it to your liking and put it on your card. Look at the difference between the "normal" napkin colors versus the "dazzling diamonds" napkin. I love this technique!

Close up of finished card.

Important Note: 
Heat and Stick Powder and Multipurpose Adhesive Sheets (double sided stick) have been discontinued. The two items down below are substitute's.

Judikins Sticky Stuff

Stick It -Die Cut Adhesive Sheets - Double Sided - Large

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